SA Menswear Week designer Q+A – Jenevieve Lyons

Making a return to SA Menswear Week, Jenevieve Lyons is sure to stun with her Alabaster collection which will stay true to the brands minimal aesthetic.


1) Describe your brand in a sentence

Conceptual Minimalism – trickled into prt-a-porter.

2) Tell us about the collection you’ll be showing at SAMW

noun: alabaster

1. a fine-grained, translucent form of gypsum, typically white, often carved into ornaments.

Alabaster takes inspiration from the fine-grained texture found within golden brown granite, with often sparks of milky white texture in between, it is of this texture that a print was born that is emphasised throughout the collection. The collection speaks to the Spring/Summer season lynching onto the misty sprigs of spring, with the use of smart minimal light layering and double & single layered anoraks throughout.

Alabaster draws on the minimal side of the brand with clever use of print; texture and details; zipped insets offer a morphed metamorphism on some garments as well as extended lengths or shortened lengths as desired. Drawstrings tie the hoods to the anoraks while ribbing seams together sweater tops. An interest is shown in sheer poly-cotton long length tees and shirts that are layered under and over garments.

The collection sports a ‘warmer’ colour palette– taking on the tonal values of granite: dark burnt orange, khaki, tobacco, toasted colours paired with cool whites, suited printed thick satins and seamed neoprenes – bonded and unbound.


3) What inspires you daily?

Fauna, flora, texture, architecture, research, history and ‘unbeautiful’ and stranger things.


4) Finish the sentence, menswear in South Africa is…

A fast paced growing industry aimed at striking high heights locally and globally.

*Follow Jenevieve here and buy tickets here


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