#SAFW Designer Interview – Miri

A label for adventure-seeking women, Miri, is set to show an exciting range at SA Fashion Week. The 1950s was the biggest influence for the latest collection which will be showcased.

1) Can you tell us more about your fashion label and how it started?

My friends used to call me Mi when I was a student – some still do. Miri is a combination of my  name, Mari, and Mi. Miri is also closer to the correct pronunciation of my name.


2) Tell us about the defining moment in your career, when you decided to start your own label?

I do not think there was a defining moment. I studied fashion design and planned from a young age to have my own label. Life happens while planning things. I loved being at home with my children when they were young. After returning from Portugal about 12 years ago, my children were in high school and I had more time on hand. I decided that it was the perfect time for me to start my own label.

3) Who do you envisage in your clothing?

I want to see adventure-seeking, energetic women with a zest for life wearing my clothes – women who enjoy vibrant colours. Also woman in all shapes and sizes feeling confident in my clothes.


4) What kind of preparations goes into fashion week?

Fashion week takes a lot of preparation. I first have to envisage the general theme. After establishing the theme I go on a fabric hunt. The different textures and colours will then give direction to the range. I love to do the final touches by beading the garments – the detail makes all the difference.

5) What inspired this collection?

The glamour of the 1950’s inspired this collection. The beautiful textured fabrics reminded me of this era.


6) How would you define success for a South African fashion designer?

I think everybody has his or her own idea of what success is. I think a successful designer is somebody who has happy confidant clients walking out of their studio’s. Clients who feel beautiful and comfortable in your clothes will return – especially if the quality of the garment is excellent. A successful fashion designer must be able to understand the special needs of the client. It is of the utmost importance to listen to your client and to build upon their needs and only then can you lead and inspire them.


7) Why do you think an event such as SAFW is important?

The South African fashion designers are part of a very small community. We can always learn from each other. The creative atmosphere is invigorating and I go back to my studio inspired by our South African talent. It is a brilliant platform to showcase our talented South African designers.

*Visit the Miri website


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