This is not your ordinary pump

If, like me, you are getting tired of pumps, their banality and general lack of zest, this post is for you. Sure they are great go-to’s but when you’re practically living in them daily it gets boring.

We’re not saying completely abandon your pumps, just look for cooler versions. A pair with an ankle strap can change your whole outfit. Embellishments and interesting cut-outs makes for a cooler look. Other flats are great too, such as loafers/slippers and moccasins.

These alternatives are perfect for that time between winter and summer, as you transition to a warmer climate. Check out and try out our five ‘not just a pump’ shoes:

Daniella Michelle - R399
Daniella Michelle – R399
Dolce Vita - R295
Dolce Vita – R295
Launch - R270
Launch – R270
Launch - R280
Launch – R280
Zoom - R299
Zoom – R299

Which is your fave? Tell us in the comments, on Facebook or Twitter



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