How to make the change from Winter to Spring simple

By: @FeliciaT_Mos

It’s one of those things in life we can’t avoid, the changing of the seasons. Often the source of inspiration for various forms of art but also the source of great confusion and stress for us fashionistas.

Every few months or so we are faced with the conundrum of trying to figure out what to do with the clothes we bought for last season, especially when those winter months get warmer. Well here are a few tips to help make the Winter to Spring transition a bit easier this time around.

1) Keep Your Light Layers
Even though Spring and Summer do seem to morph into one in South Africa, there are still those slightly chilly days. For these days you should keep all your light cardigans and jerseys in your bag just in case.


2) Introduce More Print
The need for dark, block colours to stay warm has subsided and you are free to add a bit more colour and fun as the temperature rises. Pull out your favourite colourful maxi dress, printed tee or even those printed pants. It’s a time to welcome back print with open arms.


3) Hello To Hair Again
Many of us are guilty of overlooking our tresses in the winter months, but that’s okay. Spring offers you the opportunity to have even more fun with your hair because you’re not in need of a beanie all the time. For the more daring, a huge trend now is unorthodox colours like blue (ala Kylie Jenner) or purple (like Kelly Osbourne – pictured below). But make sure whatever colour you choose suits your skin tone.


If you’re more conservative, why not try a summer bob with more layers and movement. Leaving the extensions and going all natural? That’ll certainly also help with the heat.

4) Kiss Some Colour
If lipstick is always on your must-buy list, I have good news for you. The classic winter shades are a year round trend. So keep those lipsticks that you’ve grown to love but don’t throw away your corals for those days you want to lighten it up a bit. Versatility in beauty is everything.


What do YOU do to make the transition from winter to spring easier?


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