TREND: Buckles boost basic boots

Winter is upon us and we know the basics – coats, tights, scarves and ample amounts of hot chocolate. This week we’re focusing on trendy boots, we like this trend a lot because it won’t go out of fashion anytime soon. We’re talking about boots with buckles. Whether it’s a covered in buckles or just features a dainty buckle on the side, the trend is obvious and a great one to embrace.

For an edgier look, get a pair of boots with cool add-ons such as studs, chains and buckles. If you want a toned down look, opt for a plain coloured pair with one or two small buckles. There is no limit, they’re on knee-highs, ankle booties and high heeled pairs. Choose your favourite and rock one of the best trends this season.

DOLCE VITA – This boot features two of the seasons biggest trends – quilted and buckles.

Dolce Vita - R595
Dolce Vita – R595

JEEP – If you want rugged look, these boots are perfect for that.

Jeep R900
Jeep – R900

LEVIS – These sophisticated boots are given an edge with small buckles on the side

Levis - R700
Levis – R700

RAGE – Oxblood colour, popular boot style and trendy buckles. What else do you need?

Rage - R380
Rage – R380

SAM STAR – For the more hardcore fashionista among us this boot will fit in perfectly to their lifestyle.

Sam Star - R1800
Sam Star – R1800

ZOOM – Simple yet trendy; a must have for winter.

Zoom - R800
Zoom – R800

Which is your favourite of these boots?



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  1. Although this is an old post, about the time it was written was the same time I became a big fan of boots. My Tory Burch sales girl thought I could rock a pair of Tory riding boots. Sure enough, they’re my new favorite.

  2. The Zoom cut-out boot is gorgeous!

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