The pleasure of plentiful pleats

Often when I think about pleats I’ll be reminded of my mom, on the days she would go to work wearing a pleated skirt. Thanks to fashion and the cycle of trends, this style has returned. It is more refined this time, with cool details and prints. So it’s neither an old lady trend nor an outdated look, it what’s happening right now.

Something I’ve always been attracted to is the texture of pleats, there’s just something about crushing it in your hand, letting go and then watching as it fell back into shape. Wondering how to wear it? Pleats make the otherwise ordinary skirt stand out, so think of it as the statement piece of the outfit. Also something to remember is that pleats often give skirts volume, so balance the outfit with “smaller” tops.

Get pleated skirts in different colours and styles and have fun looking stylish. Click on the images to buy online:

BLACKEYED SUSAN – I love that this skirt is in a beautiful print, combining two winning trends.

Blackeyed Susan - R399
Blackeyed Susan – R399

CHERYL ARTHUR – This designer is proving how pleats can be elegant yet trendy too.

Cheryl Arthur - R495
Cheryl Arthur – R495
Cheryl Arthur - R695
Cheryl Arthur – R695

EDIT – This skirt is for those who aren’t too keen on a fully pleated skirt so a more subtle one will do.

Edit - R320
Edit – R320

KOTTIN & TWILLE – This is definitely my favourite, the colour, pleats and chevron detail at the bottom makes it awesome!

Kottin & Twille - R970
Kottin & Twille – R970

NON EUROPEAN – Show some leg in a cute skirt with casual pleats.

Non European - R391
Non European – R391

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