Rebel against the #armparty, Rock rings instead

We’ve seen all the fashion lovers #armparty pics on instagram but it’s 2014 now, lets make it the year of the finger party – time to rock rings religiously. It seems one just isn’t enough nowadays as style bunnies flaunt ring bedazzled fingers on the daily. Although, why be like everyone else with their drab rings in normal styles? You need to up the ante and show them how it’s done with these cool rings:

BLACK BETTY: The raw detailing and the knot style is really unique.

Black Betty - R559
Black Betty – R559

CHELSEA DOLL: This is one of my favourites. It’s scissors, on your fingers and just look at all that detail.

Chelsea Doll - R149
Chelsea Doll – R149

DEER RUBY: Be careful of fly away fingers with these beauts.

Deer Ruby - R379
Deer Ruby – R379

DEER RUBY: Who said rings need to be pretty? Get grungy with these skulls.

Deer Ruby - R379
Deer Ruby – R379

GENEVIEVE MOTLEY: It’s simple but different, which makes it a great addition to any wardrobe.

Genevieve Motley - R130
Genevieve Motley – R130

Rings, Chains or bracelets? Which is your favourite jewellery accessory?



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  1. All of these rings are really edgy and well, awesome! I hate bangles as they thud up and down my skinny arms and bruise my wrist bone but rings I can rock. I only have one finger spare, I have so many.

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