Colourful clutches to add to your wardrobe

After I wrote the handbag blog post I sat back and thought I need to do one on when a handbag just isn’t an appropriate accessory. In comes the clutch, the small handheld accessory holds onto what you need and adds a little something extra to an outfit. We’ve all seen red carpet divas rocking cool clutches and it’s time you got your hands on some.

They’re perfect for evening events or for a dinner date when all you need is your phone, make up and other basics – because sometimes a frumpy bag just isn’t the answer. Recent trends include the envelope clutch, structured and embellished clutches. Besides their purpose of holding things, they’re also accessories, so make sure they go well with outfits you plan on wearing.

I gathered these clutches to inspire your next shopping trip, but if you like the ones below so much click on the image and buy it online.

BLACKCHERRY: I’m a definite Blackcherry fan because they keep creating these beauts – this colour gets all my love.

Blackcherry - R249
Blackcherry – R249

GUESS: This clutch has a good combination of everything, from the embellishments to the wrist band.

Guess - R999
Guess – R999

JO BORKETT: The design and colour make this simple clutch an eye-catcher.

Jo Borkett - R576
Jo Borkett – R576

ROAD MAP: This one is bright, beautiful and necessary to amp up any drab outfit.

Road Map - R459
Road Map – R459

VIKSON: A structured clutch is perfect for an evening event and this gets all the ticks for a great clutch.

Vikson - R399
Vikson – R399

ZOOM: Cool laser cut designs plus the white colour makes it a must-have for everyone.

Zoom - R299
Zoom – R299

When do you use your clutche? Drop us a comment, follow us on Twitter or on Facebook.


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