TREND: Embrace the Midi

Some of my favourite street style snaps involve midi skirts. So it’s obviously time to embrace it. Something about these skirts remind me of the 50’s, when women emphasised their curves in dresses that came in tight at the waist and flared out to the bottom. This style has been reinvented and refreshed to give us new twist on the age-old look, so we won’t be looking like grandma.

They range from tight to full flare, so if you’re not keen on showing all them curves, choosing the latter would be best. I think both would be appropriate for work, if you pair it with a shirt or pretty blouse. Tucking them in will emphasise your waist, but you can wear your top over your skirt if you want a more relaxed look. This outfit will be complimented with a pair of delicate strappy heels or court shoes too.

Albertus Swanepoel - R650
Albertus Swanepoel – R650


For a casual look, try out cool colours with summery fabrics and pair it with a t-shirt, sweater or tank top. This is the perfect time to wear a crop top to show off some skin. Heels could go with this look as well, but I’ve seen many fashionistas rock sneakers with it too.

Mr. Price - R119.99
Mr. Price – R119.99
Non European - R489
Non European – R489
Woolworths - R250
Woolworths – R250


If you’re wearing prints remember to match the colour of one garment to one of the colours in the print. Also important is to try new things, so instead of just going to a simple black midi skirt, why not get a denim one? Don’t be afraid of fashion, have fun with it.

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