Strut your stuff in shorts – #LegsForDays

If boots are made for walking then shorts are made for strutting. They are the one definitive sign that summer has arrived – ladies and gents of all shapes, sizes and ages start showing off their legs. It’s not all about the daisy duke type shorts, butt cheeks hanging out and what not, we’ve moved on as a society. It’s time to embrace lacey, tailored, patterned, high waist, formal and casual shorts… basically there’s no limit to what you can get.

This season a big trend is soft and loose fitted shorts, so look out for ones in great materials and just make sure the fit is correct for your shape. Of course the good ol’ denim shorts makes a comeback, but this time don’t go for plain variants, try embellished, embroided and dyed pairs. Whatever you’re into, find something that will make you look and feel good while still being stylish.

Here’s some inspiration for your next shopping spree… too lazy to get up though? Just click on the pic to be redirected to the relevant site.

Tashkaya - R275
Tashkaya – R275
Cotton On
Cotton On
Cotton On
Cotton On
Forever New - R499
Forever New – R499
Mr. Price - R99.99
Mr. Price – R99.99
Mr. Price - R109.99
Mr. Price – R109.99
Woolworths - R299
Woolworths – R299
Woolworths - R599
Woolworths – R599

There you have it, some shortspiration (I’m so sorry). What type of shorts do you enjoy wearing?


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