Designer Q&A: Margot Molyneux

Margot Molyneux is not only synonymous with effortless femininity in simple yet beautiful creations, but is also helping the less fortunate with a great cause – the poncho project. Learn more about the designer and the non-profit project they’re a part of…

*Click on the images to buy from the Margot Molyneux online store

1) Margot Molyneux has a distinct soft, feminine flair, is this the type of women you design for?

Definitely. We try to create clothing that can last for many seasons and worn in many different ways. We focus on creating clothing that makes the wearer feel comfortable, but still look great.

Margot Molyneux shirt - R390
Margot Molyneux shirt – R390

2) What goes into your design process?

It’s different for every item. The longer we are in business, the more we use previous sales knowledge to influence the direction of the brand.

Margot Molyneux shift - R540
Margot Molyneux shift – R540

3) What inspires you?

Every day life and interesting people.

Margot Molyneux shorts - R430
Margot Molyneux shorts – R430

4) Why is producing locally important to you?

We have an industry to grow in this country, with so many willing talented people, it is very important to realise the value in buying local production. Whether that is clothing or any other product.

Margot Molyneux maxi - R560
Margot Molyneux maxi – R560

5) What is currently in stores by Margot Molyneux?

We are currently supplying stores with our latest spring wear. Light  weight shirts, loose-fitting dresses and shifts. We have chosen whites and light sorbet colours for our summer looks.

Margot Molyneux jumpsuit - R580
Margot Molyneux jumpsuit – R580

6) What can we look forward to from you?

We are concentrating on Summer now, but will also be working on new things for Design Indaba in March 2014.

Margot Molyneux dress - R520
Margot Molyneux dress – R520

7) Tell us more about Poncho Project?

The Poncho Project was an idea which we put into practice in winter this year. It is a non-profit project which is based on providing a warm garment for the underprivileged of our society. People sponsor the ponchos and we make them up. We had a great response, donating over 250 ponchos to adults and children this past winter.

Follow Margot Molyneux on Twitter, Facebook and check out the website too.


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