G-Star RAW Women’s night

I’m all about my jeans, in fact I practically live in mine. There was no doubt in my mind I was going to the G-Star RAW women’s night, to get my fill on denim and champers of course. The tiny store is filled with awesome jeans, It’s a place you can pop into to update your denim wardrobe in one simple place. The darker washes caught my attention as you can rarely go wrong with a simple dark pair of jeans; they’re slimming, elegant and versatile. However, there were pops of colour that also intrigued me, such as mint, coral and light blue which could all be incorporated into a modern wardrobe.

Nothing irks me more than bad quality ‘jeans’, they’re unflattering and wear out faster than a fat kid in a foot race. That’s why good ones are something you should be willing to splurge on because they will you last you a long time and give you good memories. Seeing that G-Star RAW’s main focus is on denim, they’re an obvious choice to make when choosing some good quality jeans.




Besides the denimgasms I had, the evening was great – Intimate but lovely. I love fashion events because of all the beautiful people (is that weird?… I don’t even care if it’s weird!). Here are some of the fashion lovers looking mad fresh…





Although I do have a complaint, what sort of evil person organises an event for slim fit jeans all the while feeding guests with delicious chocolate treats? Excuse me while I squeeze my fat butt into a pair of beautiful pants. I aint even mad though, the Merci choc was delish and my partner in crime for the night, Samantha O’Leary, and I had a great time.


Goodie bag lovin’… thanks G-Star RAW, Glamour, GHD and Girl About Town PR :)


Check out G-Star RAW’s website and let the denimgasms continue!


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