TREND: Pretty Pastels for Spring

We’re in September and although Spring might have forgotten her appointment, we’re still getting ready for her to arrive. In winter we had deep, rich colours like cobalt blue and oxblood, and to shake off those colours spring has light and soft shades in store for us.

Pastels are in, and they’re gorgeous too. Often when we think about spring it’s happy thoughts about pretty colours and good weather and what better trend to suit this time than Pastel.

Click on the images for more info:

Cotton on
Cotton on


Cotton On
Cotton On


What you want to look out for are the typical summer colours but much softer and lighter shades. Blues become almost baby blue and pinks become light rose colours. Also pastel greens, purple and peach make an appearance. It’s a great trend because you can so easily incorporate it into your winter wardrobe. The lighter colours will contrast greatly with something like dark wash jeans etc.

Mr. Price - R59.99
Mr. Price – R59.99


Mr. Price - R99.99
Mr. Price – R99.99


Want to embrace the trend fully? Get a pretty little dress in pastel and you’ll be ready to traipse through any flower-filled meadow… or y’know go to work or whatevs.





Pastel also works well with other lighter colours especially for day wear, so while out shopping for pretty colours look out for shades of white as well. The dresses and blouses are bang on trend right now, but you’ll also find pants and jackets in it. The pants, although cool, might not be for everyone so try it on before you make a decision. If you’re not entirely bought on the trend, try it out with some cute accessories like earrings or even get pretty shoes in pastel colours.

Woolworths - R225
Woolworths – R225


Woolworths - R325
Woolworths – R325




There are some great pieces of clothing out there that will have you looking as fresh as the weather is, so go forth and shop thy heart out flairlings, you’re bound to find something.


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