Shoe of the Week

Something to take out of winter is blue – cobalt blue to be precise. It’s a beautiful colour that you can easily transition into your summer wardrobe. Which is why, among other reasons, this shoe has caught my eye. I love the colour, the straps and the wedge. Its got that pop of colour that could zoosh up a pair of jeans but still have the comfort of a good wedge. All the while you can show off your beautifully pedicured toes. They also look versatile, something you could wear to lunch as well out for cocktails in a cute little dress.

Click on the image for more info:

Mr. Price - R149.99
Mr. Price – R149.99

The price is not too shabby either. What do you think? A good shoe for summer? Drop us a comment or tweet @flair360fashion



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  1. I’m still loving blue flats during the Summer months. These aren’t exactly cobalt blue, they’re called chicory blue. These icy blue flats should also work for Winter

  2. What a great shoe, very versitile. Perfect for the transition of the seasons. I LOVE the colour. I just bought a pair of flats in the same colour. This post makes me happy about the colour I picked. These are my nile blue Tory Burch Reva flats,

    Great post, thanks for sharing.

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