The Spring and Summer sunglass trends you MUST have

The weather may disagree but spring is around the corner. In a few weeks time, the climate gets warmer and styles will get cooler. As you transition from winter to spring/summer, trends will also be making a change. It’s pointless still shopping for winter, so on your next shopping trip you’ll want to look out for what will be trendy in the warmer months. This is where we come in to help inspire you.

Now, the idea of changing your wardrobe for summer might be daunting for some, so why not start out small with sunglasses. It’s the easiest way to embrace a new trend and you’ll look great doing it. There are a few stand-out trends when it comes to 2013 Spring/Summer sunglasses, and they’re styles that would suit any face.

You might consider sunglasses as accessories but they’re also there to help protect your eyes from harmful rays from the sun. This is why you should never shy away from pricier ones, save up if you must but they’re worth the pennies and you’ll be wearing them for years to come.

Just a few tips before you rush off to BUY ALL THE SUNNIES: Take a friend, they’re able to give you feedback on the various styles you try on. Always consider your face shape, much like any other fashion, different styles suit different shapes. And don’t forget you could always ask a shop assistant for help, they work with people like you often, they should hopefully know a thing or two.

These are the 2013 Spring and Summer sunglasses trends you MUST have (all available from Sunglass Hut):

CLUBMASTER STYLE – This style is here to say, you can never go wrong with a classic pair of clubmaster style sunnies.

Ray Ban - R2 290
Ray Ban – R2 290
Ray Ban - R2 290
Ray Ban – R2 290
Tiffany&co - R2 990
Tiffany&co – R2 990
Ray Ban - R2 290
Ray Ban – R2 290

RETRO ROUND – One of the more difficult trends to pull off, so try a few on and see if the retro round trend suits you.

Miu Miu - R2 750
Miu Miu – R2 750
Armani - R2 690
Armani – R2 690
Prada - R2 750
Prada – R2 750
Prada - R2 990
Prada – R2 990

COLOURFUL – Isn’t that what summer is all about? Colour! Go bright or go home!

Prada - R2 450
Prada – R2 450
Miu Miu - R2 550
Miu Miu – R2 550
Burberry - R2 250
Burberry – R2 250
Armani - R1 490
Armani – R1 490

TRANSPARENT – This is such a cool look. Look for transparent frames to be bang on trend for summer.

DKNY - R990
DKNY – R990
DKNY - R990
DKNY – R990
Vogue - R850
Vogue – R850
Oakley - R1 550
Oakley – R1 550


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