Designer Q&A: Lukhanyo Mdingi

After getting noticed in only his third year in university, Lukhanyo Mdingi is making a name for himself in the fashion industry. The ELLE rising star finalist hopes to become a positive contributor to the fashion world and is confident his designs will do so.

See why he thinks he deserves to win the competition and also what his biggest fashion mistake was:

1) When did your love of fashion start?

Wow! I’d have to say since I was a little lad.

2) How long have you been designing for?

I have been a fashion design student since 2011, so I’d have to say since then.

3) Who and What inspires you?

Pure life and elements of what surrounds me.

4) An average day in your life consists of?

college!! college!! college!!

5) What’s the worst fashion mistake you’ve done or seen?

Fashion mistake that I have done – when I was 11 years old, I tore the side seams of my jeans but only up until my ankle. That was a horrible look, I have no idea what made me do that but at the time I thought I was so cool.

Worst fashion mistake I have ever seen – there have been plenty but the most common one is people wearing items that don’t compliment their body shape.

6) What makes you unique?

My brain and the way that I think.

7) How does it feel being an ELLE rising star finalist?

Amazing, but even that word doesn’t describe how I really feel. My feelings are beyond that, if that makes any sense.

8) Why do you think you deserve to win?

I just have pure confidence and pride in my range. I have faith in my designs and in my concept. There are plenty of other reasons but those are just the ones that I can think of from the top of my head.

9) What are your short and long term goals?

Short – to finish my 3rd year successfully and to also continue to work hard on my ELLE designs.

Long – to just be part of the world of fashion and make a positive contribution to it.

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