#MBFWCT2013 Designer Q&A: Habits by Jenny le Roux

Jenny Le Roux worked as an editor in the fashion department for a magazine, however she says this experience has not influenced her clothing designs, as she always had a passion for fashion. Her label, Habits, is described as a ready-to-wear range somewhere between chain store and a couture boutique.

See what Jenny has up her sleeve for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town:

Jenny le Roux
Jenny le Roux

1) Has the experience of being a fashion editor of a magazine influenced your designs?

Not really – I had a sort of style and basically I only design things that I truly like

Habits - R2200
Habits – R2200

2) How does having your own factory helped Habits?

It has been wonderful, it means it helps local industry and one’s turnaround time is very quick, especially if like me, you change your mind.

Habits - R1499
Habits – R1499

3) Does Habits have a specific target market, or do you stick to a certain style?

The wonderful thing about Habits is that it seriously caters for 18-80 year-olds. Strange as that might sound, my clothes can be worn in lots of different ways.

Habits R1599
Habits – R1599

4) How are you feeling about the Cape Town Fashion Week?


Habits - R1299
Habits – R1299

5) What will you be showing at the Cape Town Fashion Week?

Monochrome, black, white, floral’s and a few surprises.

Follow Habits on Twitter and Facebook or check out the website for more info.



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