Yay or Nay: Clear heels

Last week we featured a pair of Louboutins as our shoe of the week. Although, it’s “clear heels” got me thinking, is there still a stigma attached to it? But then actress Helen Mirren stepped out look classy as hell in an Elie Saab gown with clear heels.

I see quite a few places have taken to the trend, incorporating the clear heel onto an otherwise normal shoe. Personally the so-called “stripper heels”, where even the straps are clear, sometimes appear painful.

Although the other variants intrigue me, because we rarely know what our shoes are actually made of, especially heels, who knows what’s going on inside there? But with these, you can literally see right through them. My curiosity also begs the question of whether you need to clean these more often than other shoes?

That aside, this is where you come in, do clear heels get a yay or nay? If you own a pair, even better. Tell us all about it.

Is it a case of how you wear it or will they forever be considered the attire for ladies of the night?


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