TREND: Be on point with geometric accessories

Put down your round accessories and embrace the latest craze – geometric jewellery. Okay no need to throw anything away, but do consider pointy corners when looking for new accessories. Particularly trendy are triangles, squares and pyramid which Come in all forms, from ear rings to necklaces.

Sass Diva - R100
Sass Diva – R100

The basic jewellery rules apply, although considering these unique shapes you might want to consider not overdoing it with the amount accessories you’re wearing, you want the cool shapes to stand out. I like to think that a good accessory is a conversation starter, basically something unique that will have people saying “ooh! that’s interesting, where did you get it from?”.

As fantastic as these pieces are, I must wonder whether they come with a warning attached. Being the clumsy person that I am, sharp edges aren’t necessarily my best friend, so to everyone that is just as clumsy be warned. A red-eye is not very good-looking, so be careful with the pointy corners on rings and bracelets when working near your face. Also look out for rough edges that might get hooked on delicate garments.

Warning aside though, have fun with it and add that little edge to any outfit. When last have you had this much fun with shapes? Check out these accessories for some inspiration, click on the image to see more info about them.

Mr. Price - R29.99
Mr. Price – R29.99
Foschini - R49
Foschini – R49
Woolworths - R99.95
Woolworths – R99.95


What type of accessory do geometric shapes work best with? Let us know what you think.


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