Creating her own Fortune – Georgia East

By: @MegStaDeane

Young affordable fashion – these are the principles upcoming designer Georgia East bases her clothing line on. Being a student she understands that the average South African can’t afford the ridiculous mark-ups retailers put on cheap imports. Her goal therefore is to produce quality, timeless pieces at affordable prices for a broad market.

Georgia East wearing Fortune Clothing's Faux-Fur Gilet - R250
Georgia East wearing Fortune Clothing’s Faux-Fur Gilet – R250

Georgia’s love for fashion started early in her life, feeding from her mom’s career in the industry, she admits to sketching designs as a youngster. She took her passion a little further basing her art portfolio in her matric year on fashion. However she only decided to start the clothing line after a friend asked her to make something specific. Skip a few years ahead, and Fortune clothing is a bumbling business employing six ladies with Georgia manning the creative side of things.

Fortune Clothing 1920s-inspired dress
Fortune Clothing 1920s-inspired dress

Fortune clothing produces garments that appeal to a range of women without breaking the R400 price tag limit Georgia has set. Being at the helm of a fashion label has opened her eyes to what it actually costs to create things, spurring her anger she has for retailers ballooning prices on cheap imports. She notes how Cape Town used to be a fashion manufacturing mecca, and now factories stand empty. This is the reason she hopes to bring back the fashion scene of the 70’s and 80’s, endorsing locally made products and being proudly South African in business.

Fortune Clothing leopard peplum - R150
Fortune Clothing leopard peplum – R150

Besides having to compete in an overpopulated industry, Georgia says business is good, boasting her first international sale only a few weeks ago. Part of the success may come from her aim to create wearable, timeless pieces for woman of all sizes. Insisting people should have their own style and avoid blindly following trends, customers will find Fortune Clothing stocking classic instead of trendy pieces, according to Georgia.

Fortune Clothing Basic Box in Tribal Shimmer - R150
Fortune Clothing basic box in tribal shimmer – R150

The latest collection came from playing with proportions, which is her latest obsession, consisting of crop tops and big pants. It also features a mixture of rough yet feminine styles, mixing faux-leather and floral pieces.

Fortune Clothing 1920s-inspired dress
Fortune Clothing 1920s-inspired dress

However her spontaneous spirit means that the clothes are always changing, and because it’s limited stock, customers get unique pieces.

Fortune Clothing collar peplum - R150
Fortune Clothing collar peplum – R150

The clothes are made to order, so if you’re interested go to the Facebook page and get to know the creative genius behind Fortune Clothing on Georgia’s blog.


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