TREND: Top five Winter colours

Getting ready for Winter can be a tough challenge for anyone but this seasons exciting colours will make it a more pleasant experience.

A general rule of thumb for changing your wardrobe during the seasons is in Summer, you’re looking at more fun and vibrant colours with materials and shades that are both light and cool. Whereas for Winter there is usually warmer colours, with the brightness toned down a bit.

After the eye-hurting neon trend we just had in summer, what do the colder months have in store for us? Well the answer is colour as well and I’m really glad we’re moving away from the mundane brown, grey and black trend of the past.

These are top five colours for Winter 2013:

COBALT BLUE: This colour is bright but rich which makes it perfect for that burst of colour you need to brighten up your outfit. This is definitely one of my favourites of the top five as I think people often overlook blue as a classy colour.


EMERALD GREEN: What a beautiful colour! it’s been described as the colour of the year and we can see why – it oozes luxury and class. Experiment with different textures, wear it with darker shades or even by itself.

Emerald green

RED/OXBLOOD: This colour has quite a variety, think different shades of a dark deep red and you’ll be right on trend. Steer clear of the lighter shades though, no pink this time thanks! Maroon, berry and burgundy would probably fall under this trend as well.

Deep red

MONOCHROME: I know what you’re thinking; ‘I thought this was about colour, why am I reading about monochrome’. And the answer is because it’s just so awesome! Can you really deny how classy this two-tone trend looks on any lady? No? Exactly!
You can add colourful accessories for an extra edge.


HOUNDSTOOTH: Okay, you’re probably getting angry now because this technically isn’t a colour, what it is though is one of the biggest trends at the moment. We’ve seen it on some our favourite celebs and also haunting our peripheral vision while out shopping.


There you have, the top five colours you need in your wardrobe for Winter. In a nutshell: bright and warm, royal and classy colours.

Which is your favourite colour for this season? Drop us a comment :)


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