TREND: Pullover

Everybody hates getting up in the morning in Winter, and those that say they don’t are lying. There’s nothing more depressing than getting out of a warm, comfy bed and having the cold grab hold of you and wrap you in its ice-cold arms. By this time you’re in a bad mood and shivering so much that you ‘vibrate’ and fall off your bed. While buzzing on the ground you have an even more chilling thought… “what am I wearing today?”

Mr. Price: Right - R69.99 and Left - R99.99
Mr. Price: (R) – R69.99 and (L) – R99.99

I’m here to tell you that pyjama pants that could be taken for ‘real’ pants won’t work. And neither will 3 jerseys, a hoodie, multiple scarves and coat. Yes the weather is distasteful, but this doesn’t mean you have to be as well.

This is why I love this trend, its simple, easy-to-wear and can be thrown on quickly (while you curse winter). A pullover is a definite must-have this season. They’re versatile and practical, which tends to be what we want in the cold.

Old Khaki: Right - R350 and Left - R450
Old Khaki: (R) – R350 and (L) – R450

You can layer this look, with a tank top underneath and a cool printed scarf. Wearing a shirt underneath a pullover is a classic look, and will have you looking preppy perfect. It will look great with that denim shirt you wore during summer too. Pair them with skinnies and boots and you’ll both feel and look hot.

Left - Forever New and Right - Foschini - R220
(L) – Forever New.  (R) – Foschini – R220

Look out for plain, classic pieces that you could wear with other colourful pieces. But don’t stop there, get your hands on printed, colourful and textured pullovers.

(L) The Lot - R450 and (R) Woolworths - R250
(L) The Lot – R450 and (R) Woolworths – R250

As you might have noticed, I am not much of a winter fan, but with casual easy-to-wear styles like this, looking good this season won’t be difficult at all.

Let’s fight this cold bitch off by looking hot, shall we?


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