TREND: Military style

If you’ve had too much of the neon and floral trends, why not kick ass in hard-core military style. Winter is soon approaching and it brings subdued colours with it. And this year there won’t be a better way to beat the cold than in a trench coat.

While choosing a military style coat, it’s all about the details, look out for gold or brass buttons and emphasised shoulders. Get one with a belt and you can still show off your curves while looking badass. Stick to neutral colours like black and grey or even dark army green and tan if you really want to look the part.

This trend isn’t only for clothing, you can satisfy your bag-buying addiction with some cool army styled bags. Once again you’ll want one with specific details like extra pockets and long cross-body straps. The fun thing about this style is that the bag is practical, with all that space, yet still fashionable.

When it comes to pants, it might not be the best idea to dive into your granddad’s cupboard pulling out his old army pants. Rather aim for trousers or jeans that are flattering with hints of military in it. Try skinny cargo pants, pockets are key with this style, and look out for other little embellishments like studs and zip details. Greys, green, black and even natural colours work well with this style.

Last but definitely not least is shoes. Since you’re looking like you’re ready to kick butt at any second, you’ll want shoes that scare off any baddies. The obvious option is a pair of dark, black military boots, which is a good choice, but don’t limit yourself to that. Try boots with studs, straps and even gold buttons (starting to see a trend here?). Pull of a sexy sergeant look with heeled military booties.

Now before you go running to your local mall and screaming at kids to “drop down and gimme TWENTY!” We suggest that when pulling this look off, you mix these pieces up, not wear them all at once. What you want from your military inspired outfit is people saluting your fashion forward look, not people shaking in their boots when you walk past.

Now go out and kick butt.

(Note: Flair360Fashion does NOT endorse violence… because actual butt-kicking could damage our shoes)



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