TREND: Denim Shirts

Our love/hate relationship with denim shirts is becoming a bit of an obsession. The poor things must hate the rollercoaster we put them on. Not that we care though, as long they’re helping us look fab, we’re going to be bitchy fashionistas and use them to our hearts content.

denim shirts

Now this fun ride we’re having with Denim shirts is currently on one of the highest loop-de-loops. They’ve been hanging around for a while, with slight variations making heads turn but now they back with a vengeance.

As with most amusement parks, there’s something for everyone, much like the versatile denim shirt. Able to give us trendy boho to casual chic, it has definitely made its mark in the fashion industry and should be a definite must in your closet.

Show your chilled side with one these shirts worn over a white tank and neutral-coloured pants. Or dress it up with a pair of shorts, try it tucked in for extra-awesomeness.denim shirts

One question often brought up about denim shirts is whether you can wear it with jeans, and in the past it was a big no-no. However in recent times this myth has been busted, you can definitely wear the two together, what we suggest though is that you wear different shades. Try a light denim shirt with a dark pair of jeans, and adding a belt will help break up the two denims.
You’re options are endless which makes this item of clothing something of a legend in fashion. Would you say it’s a classic?


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