2013 Fashion predictions

By: @yo_lisa92

After an interesting year in fashion and the world “almost” ending we can only hope that 2013 will bring about fashion trends that won’t leave us looking back and thinking “why did I wear that?”

We cannot guarantee that the forecasted trends are something you will go along with, but we will dish them to you anyway. And besides no one wants to hear “that’s so last season” as you walk past a group of self-proclaimed fashionistas because you are stuck in your 2012 trends, so I suggest you read on.

Peplum tank and printed skinny jeans. Image: elle.com
Peplum tank and printed skinny jeans. Image: elle.com

Last year we saw the ever popular peplum, stolen from the stylish ancient Greeks, a top or jacket with ruffle attached to the waist or bodice. How could we forget the pyjama inspired pants or the printed jeans we even saw leather-like pants, in my opinion 2012 was not a good year for the pants. We had wedge sneakers, luxe sweatshirts and jackets with leather sleeves.

Leather-sleeved jacket and pyjama styled pants. Image: elle.com
Leather-sleeved jacket and pyjama styled pants. Image: elle.com


Sequin sweatshirt and wedge sneaker. Image: elle.com
Sequin sweatshirt and wedge sneaker. Image: elle.com

We saw the debatable “colour blocking” trend, which was embraced by people from all walks, some of them doing it obliviously, and it involved putting colours together that did the opposite of trying to match. The never ending “hobo” look was seen in 2012 as well. This trend made many of us wish that the world would come to an end on 21/12/12.

The trends were embraced by those who knew how to rock them and those who left the house leaving the rest of us wondering if they got dressed in the dark. But as the English say “let bygones be bygones” and that is exactly what we shall do, maybe we can redeem ourselves in 2013.

According to the fashion guru’s, this is the year of looking classy (thank heavens), here’s hoping that being classy doesn’t prove too difficult for most people. So, let’s start by exchanging your booty shorts for more sophisticated Bermuda shorts, these can not only add classiness to your look but also keeps those pesky construction workers at bay, yes, no more dodge looking men whistling at you from scaffolding because you decided to give your legs a little freedom.

Bermuda shorts. Image: glamour.com
Bermuda shorts. Image: glamour.com

We will see sporty dresses, short suits, more luxe leather and bold stripes making appearances. The classic black and white colour combination will not only save you a lot of trouble, but can leave you with many ways of looking simple yet gorgeous. 2013 has called for less brights and more ruffles, we all know that ruffles are good at hiding those less toned areas.

Sporty dresses. Image: glamour.com
Sporty dresses. Image: glamour.com
Shorts suits. Image: glamour.com
Shorts suits. Image: glamour.com

Collarless blouses will have you looking suave at work, church and even the nightclub. I might burn in hell for using church and nightclub in the same sentence, but that is the beauty of collarless shirts they can transform any drab outfit to looking amazing, so kiss your t-shirts goodbye and start looking like a lady.

Contemporary African will see its way into the market. This is the time to grab your African printed fabrics and look fabulous, women of the Congo, Ghana, Tanzania and other African countries have been rocking this trend (as part of their traditional attire) for centuries and now 2013 is allowing us to join the bandwagon, better late than never.

Another accessory expected to go big is the document clutch. This one is a flat clutch the size of an A4 book, size varies, that can make your outfit look timeless. That is just a brief view of what we can expect this year, we are looking forward to some of these trends and some, well… I can’t wait for 2014 already.

Check out the top 10 trends we would like to see in 2013. They may flop or be amazingly popular and successful but we still want to see them any way

2013 fashion forecast top 10 (in no particular order) :

  1.  Lace
  2.  Jailhouse stripes
  3.  Ruffles
  4.  Plastic accessories
  5.  Document clutch
  6.  Floral dresses
  7.  Contemporary Africa
  8.  90’s grunge
  9.  minimal bright clothing, (sorry lumo lovers)
  10.  statement sunglasses
Statement sunglasses: Image: glamour.com
Statement sunglasses: Image: glamour.com
Bold stripes. Image: glamour.com
Bold stripes. Image: glamour.com



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