More than just a Blazer

There’s nothing better than a man in a suit… except a lady in a blazer. Everyone should have a go-to-blazer in their cupboard, in fact more than one. And they’re not just for work-related or formal events anymore, the different variations means there’s one for every occasion now. Get yourself a casual one that you can wear any day, a cool colour will be great for summer. A shortened structured one is perfect with a dress you wear when out partying.



A classic blazer should be a wardrobe basic. When buying one make sure it’s well fitted, not too tight (putting pressure on the poor buttons) and not too loose (looking as if you borrowed your dad’s blazer). You’ll want to look for a shape that is structured but classic, so that you can rely on it for years to come. Stick to neutral colours such as black, grey or even beige.

Formal Blazer

Formal Blazer


Somehow even with casual blazers there’s still an element of class, it all comes down to shape and cut of the blazer, we’re not complaining though, we love it. But in order to get a casual blazer, you’ll want to look out for less structured styles. Now is your chance to have fun with colour and even prints, try blue, orange, Aztec or floral print, etc. It works great with jeans and a plain or printed tank or tee.

Casual Blazer


You can find the perfect blazer for any occasion, from short-sleeved ones to sequin-embellished ones. Try them with cool outstanding metallic buttons or a short styled one perfect for highlighting your waist. You could even go DIY on your blazer and add things to it like badges or pin on buttons.


You can go super casual or even dress up with a blazer, a definite must for each wardrobe, so go out and buy one that makes you happy. Make it your own and keep it classy.


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