Neon Nails

By: @tactlesstyler

You’ve surely noticed neon gracing our presence in all stores up to date on trends, but what about neon nails? Our nail expert, Tyler Vivier, gives us the low down on what colours to choose and how to wear them.

Neon nails

This seasons trending tones are bright and in your face…

If we can dress bright, why not have bright nails too? Neon nail polish is making a big splash in all the nail salons & beauty stands.

The great thing about neon nail polish is it makes your hands pop and almost always makes you look tanned… Bonus!!! But you need to be smart when applying neons, firstly its always great to stick to one colour so pick a great pink or orange, those always look the best on your nails.

Pink nails IMG00266-20120927-1053

If you go with a pink or orange neon you can paint all your nails in one colour but if you are looking to go for a neon green or yellow try stick with one or two feature nails and then keep the rest neutral. In my personal opinion yellow and green neons are a bit too out there so try pair them with a nude or black polish or if you decide to go all out and paint all 10 fingers make sure its flawless as peoples eyes will attract to your hands immediately.

Also try stick to only one Neon colour on your hands, I see many girls that have each nail a different neon colour and although it looks great when you are 13 it tends to look slightly childish on a grown fashionista.

Other than those basic tips I think your good to go on the neon nail front… Enjoy summer and stay bright.


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