Summer Trends for the Guys

By: @Mickail_Jacobs

Roll ups, Roll ups, roll ups. All I see these days are roll ups. And I can see why, they look fantastic! A simple way of giving any ordinary pair of pants a bit of an edge. It’s trends like this that anyone can incorporate into their own wardrobe without spending a dime.

The warmer months are fast approaching and its time to break out the shorts and Tee’s, only problem is last time you wore these clothes was last year! So let’s get a bit of an update on three of the Hottest Men’s Fashion Trends this Summer!

TREND 1: SPORTY – Making a come back this season are pieces with a sporty influence, Bomber Jackets, High Tops and Panel Sweat Shirts. For the conservative dresser, you wouldn’t need to do much to pull off this look. Throwing in a retro coloured sneaker or high top, or even just a plain baseball print T-shirt would be enough to give your outfit that sporty feel. For the brave ones out there, you could really have some fun and put a trendy twist with different colours, textures and cuts, just remember to keep the material light and breathable. One of the main mistakes made with this trend is the “fit”. Just because the trend is sporty doesn’t mean you actually going to play a game of rugby, don’t be afraid of finding the right size. Always remember the size of the shirt can make or break an outfit.

TREND 2 :FLORAL PRINTS – Yes I said it guys, floral prints this Summer isn’t just for the ladies, you guys out there can rock this look too, however not just any print will work. Avoid prints that cover every corner of the fabric, this would be a big no-no, only go for pieces that have background in the print. Rule of thumb with all busy prints similar to this is you have to balance it out, if you have printed pants, choose a neutral coloured shirt or vice versa. This trend works really well on short sleeve half collar shirts.

TREND 3 : YELLOW AND BLUE – The colours of summer are here! Hues of blue and yellow are the hottest shades this season and appear in all of the latest lines. This is such an easy trend to pull off, a good pair of chino’s in a Royal Blue or Mustard could launch any outfit to the edgy side and if you want to make a bit of a splash try mixing the colors in patterned pants. Men’s accessories are also starting to take on more colourful tones and what better way to follow this trend than throwing on a pair of yellow sunnies or an electric Blue watch, just remember if you are going to pop a color, do just that, POP, no dull or lowlight colors, go bright or go home.

So there you have the top three trends for upcoming Summer. Hope you guys rock it out and keep in mind not every trend has to be followed exactly to the T. Everyone’s body and skin tone is different so pick out clothes that suit your shape and color, try it on, and most importantly have fun!

If you guys are picking up any other trends or peeking styles, drop us a line, comment or even tweet us. Contact details are on the home page.


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