Sies! Stop the Jeans and Takkies

Yes we like seeing you in your running shoes, working on that sexy body of yours, it’s a great idea and we fully endorse it. However, let’s keep those shoes purely for running. When worn on other occasions it becomes something worthy of the worst punishment available on Earth. A bit extreme you might think, but the ‘takkies and jeans’ has gone on for too long and something has to be done about this utter abomination.

Sirs and gentlemen, we urge you to never EVER do this. Sure they might be comfortable but they’re intended for a certain purpose, please stick to that.

There’s nothing more disappointing seeing an attractive man, so you do the usual top to bottom scan, approve his shirt and his acceptable jeans and then… your heart sinks and you get a sick taste in your mouth – He’s wearing takkies that have clearly been worn one too many times. What a buzz kill, your former thoughts of ‘oh what a hottie’ turned to a disgusted ‘urgh! If I could slap you right now I would, but I’d probably get arrested and I’m too pretty to go to prison of course…’

Fine if you don’t like showing your feet that’s okay, there are so many other options for you to choose from before opting for what might be worse than wearing crocs, well almost.

You could go for a pair of sneakers, comfy, sporty, fun and believe it or not it will do wonders to your look. And a possible upgrade to your love life. Or how about a pair of casual loafers, with all the different variations out there, you’re bound to find a pair you like. Another simple option is the good old converse sneaker, it’s a classic that works for everyone.

So put those stinky old off white takkies away and try something new, c’mon we know you can do it.


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